Hints & Tips


1) Soaked bean yields better result and taste better than dry bean. You will find that soymilk made from dry bean will produce more residue (hence less liquid) than soaked bean.

2) It is not necessary to remove the shell of the soaked bean.

3) Do not soak your soybean too long. 6-8 hours is recommended. Drain the water that was used to soak the beans and wash the soaked beans before putting them into the jug.

4) You can enhance the flavour of your soymilk by adding different types of nuts or seeds to your likings. Fried/roasted black sesame, almond, walnut and even peanuts are some suggestions.

5) If you use rock sugar for your dessert or soymilk, add it together with the ingredient before you start the machine. If you use white or brown sugar, you should add after your drink or dessert is done.

6) Cleaning will be easier if you rinse it immediately after cooking. Otherwise, you may soak the jug with water before you wash.


1) Please do not immerse the cover or the body of the machine in water. When cleaning the machine, please ensure that water does not enter the electrical parts of the cover and jug to prevent short circuit. 

2) For your safety, please turn off the power and remove the cable before you do the following:

   a) lift the cover of the machine under any circumstances

   b) clean the machine

   c) fill the jug with water

3) If there is no water or if the water level is below the lowest marking, the machine will not operate due to its water level detector function.

4) When cleaning the jug of the machine, be careful of the high temperature inside the cavity. FIll with tap water to reduce the temperature of the cavity before you wash to prevent scalding.

5) Cleaning the grinder and the jug with running water is sufficient. If there are stubborn stains, you may use a small brush to brush it or soak in water for a while before you clean.

6) Use damp soft cloth to wipe the outer part of the cover and body.

7) After washing, please air dry before you put the machine away. Always avoid direct sunlight when not using so as to prevent discolouring of the outer body.

8) Keep out of children's reach at any time.